Begin Again

KB Haneul Youth Theater in National Theater of Korea Stage Design, Projection mapping, Video by plot city Begin Again was the opening performance of Yeowoorak music festival. It was a cross-over performance of two maestro Virtuoso of large transverse bamboo flute Saenggang Lee and Jazz pianist Gwanwoong Shin. The stage takes you to time travel … Continue reading Begin Again

Piano Men

KB Haneul Youth Theater, National Theater of Korea Stage Design, Projection mapping The work is inspired by the Piano Men, the pianists and the performance itself. “Korean Suit”, “Jeokbyeokga on the theme of Beethoven”- which are cross-over of Western Classical music and Korean Traditional music – drift the audience away from joyful, beautiful melodies to … Continue reading Piano Men


Feelux Lighting Museum Knit Lights, Installation  PulLit is an interactive knit lamp. The lamp gradually lights up as user pulled down the knitted lampshade and becomes dimmer when it is contracted. The PulLit Project mainly focuses on the nature of light and aims to create an integrated experience through light and texture of the lamp. … Continue reading PulLit