Light-Space-Medium I: COSMO

Media Installation, Projection mapping


Work Explanation

Make a COSMO that people can experience. Stars in the sky, which are thousands of light years far away from us, become closer like mobile above our head. COSMO brings the audience to unfamiliar world, take them to a journey of diverse dimensions of space, evoking origin of creation which people do not routinely experience and make them contemplate in the space. Accordingly, it let slide glamorous values that human society chases after in this small planet Earth.

The viewers experience as if they are strolling through a tunnel created by light changing continuously, which looks like a galaxy, unknown creature or virtual digital reality. Entering the structure, they get immersed by three- dimensional moving images projected on the web structure. Wide entrance of the structure becomes gradually narrower in the middle and wider at the end. The layered strings provide the projection a perspective and create an illusion of the space of light. The projected images change the static structure to variable space.

Video by ADHD and Tinan Soughlang Cultural Park.

Sound by Sungcheol Moon, Jongmin Moon (