Piano men at KB Haneul Youth Theater in National Theater of Korea

Stage Design, Projection mapping


Work Explanation

The work is inspired by the Piano Men, the pianists and the performance itself. “Korean Suit”, “Jeokbyeokga on the theme of Beethoven”- which are cross-over of Western Classical music and Korean Traditional music - drift the audience away from joyful, beautiful melodies to plaintive and intense strains. The structure implies the feature of a flock of birds that flying across the sky of the theatre like the players’ pieces.


The structure is consist of 26 8side-polyhedron. Projection reveals the structure’s various faces. It turns into floating light pieces in pastel colour then disguise as will o' the wisp and play hide-and-seek with the audience. It dyes in red then burn to ashes and banish into thin air.


Piano by Jonghoon Park, Yoonsung Jo,

with pianist Chiharu Aijawa,

Song by Iho An, Minhui Park,

Haegeum Seung-hui Lee

Bandoneon Seon Jin

Double base by Minjae Sung

Percussion by Paco